COVID-19 Employee Update

Hello team! We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during these most difficult times.

The management is working tirelessly to figure out a way forward once it is safe to re-open our restaurant. The safety of you, your family and the entire nation is of the highest importance.

If you have any questions, concerns or have any suggestions please contact us at:

May 20, 2020 **NEW**
Here is a letter from management with an update regarding our attempt to re-start business. Please pass it on to other team members that you may be in contact with.

April 22, 2020
We have received confirmation from a department manager at NIB that the fully completed B-80 forms that we submitted on April 1st have been received and are still in process.

The C-10 files have also been received and are still in process. The C-10s are actually not required for benefit payment provided that NIB have received the fully completed B-80s… which they have had since April 1st.

The Poop Deck has and will continue to be compliant with all NIB regulations and requests. At this time no further action is required on our behalf.

NIB is processing tens of thousands of requests using an antiquated system that was never designed for the current situation. We know times are are tough – please try to be patient and have faith that their employees are doing their best to help their fellow Bahamians in this time of need.

April 21, 2020
We created this page.

APRIL 20, 2020
The C-10 file was submitted to NIB. We are finally in contact with someone at NIB that seems to be assisting us with these issues.

APRIL 18, 2020
We sent the B20 forms AGAIN and tried to get some sort of response/confirmation:

APRIL 17, 2020
Yet another attempt was made to check on the status of your claims. We sent the B80 forms again (just in case) to and No response. Attempted to contact NIB by phone and email with no success.

Later in the day we discovered that the required C-10 file for February had not been completed or filed as management was lead to believe. We immediately started the process of completing that form.

APRIL 8, 2020
We attempted to contact NIB to check on the status of your claims. No response by email or answer on phone.

APRIL 1, 2020
Completed B80 forms for all employees were sent to NIB email address as per NIB instructions. We received a response that the message was received and will be processed.

MARCH 19, 2020
The Poop Deck (East Bay) was closed until further notice by government order.